Thermal Modelling for Sustainable Design of Buildings

MVK architects participated in DIT’s Thermal Assessment of Buildings course and the certificates for the new qualification will be awarded on Wednesday 26th of March at DIT. Our office at 19 Fitzwilliam Square will be the address for the newly formed Association of Thermal Modellers, a group of professional architects and technicians trained and qualified to model the thermal performance of buildings and to carry out advance assessments of the performance of projects being designed.

Why Thermal modelling? With thermal modelling more accurate determinations can be reached than by using other methods such as DEAP,  allowing innovative architectural design to be assessed in advance. Assessments of buildings can be made to determine the best solution for retrofit. Thermal modelling gives accurate calculations for thermal bridges in building design, reducing the reliance on using multiples to cover the thermal bridge component in the calculations. The professionals trained in Thermal Modelling have a comprehensive understanding of the thermal properties affecting building fabric and are the best placed professionals to design sustainable solutions in both new builds and retrofit.

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