72-76 Morehampton Road

International language school.

Location: Dublin

No’s 72, 74 & 76 Morehampton Road, Dublin 4, protected structures, are part of a terrace of five buildings on a site adjacent the junction of Morehampton Road, Marlborough Road and Herbert Park.  The terrace of which they are part was built circa 1855 and marked the beginning of the development of the north side of the road.  The three buildings were interlinked with an established educational use.

Although originally built as town houses, various combinations of the buildings have been in educational use since the late C.19th.  The proposed works acknowledge this historic fact and attempt to make such adaptive refurbishments and interventions that are suitable and practical to allow for the continued use of these protected structures as an educational facility in the C.21st. 

The buildings were in need of some renovation, repair and renewal works. Further refurbishment works were proposed to better adapt the buildings to their use in terms of circulation, enhancement of fire safety, improvement of sanitary facilities, mechanical and electrical services as well as the overall presentation of the protected structures. The principle works to the exterior include the restoration of the front facdes and the cast and wrought iron ironwork to the street.  Also froposed was a new single storey pavillion which provided a the type of large meeting room space abscent from the original layout.

Following consultation with the Fire Officer at Dublin City Fire Brigade, an alternate fire safety strategy was proposed which would allow the removal of intrusive lobbies at various stair and landing locations.  This would not only improve fire safety but restore the historic architectural qualities of the circulation spaces while simultaneously improving movement of pupils through the school at busy periods of the day.