Open House Dublin 2022

October 14-16 2022

Open House Dublin represents Ireland’s largest architecture festival and will take place this autumn in the form of numerous free events across the city.

“Brought to you by the Irish Architecture Foundation, the festival is part of the Open House Worldwide international network of 50 organisations hosting festivals and conversations about architecture, design and cities across the globe from Lagos to Taipei, and New York to Santiago. We are uniquely positioned to take the lead on public engagement, discourse and debate in architecture and city-making in Dublin. The invaluable support of our many friends, supporters, building owners, architects, collaborators, experts, and volunteers whose passion and generosity are essential in realising this opportunity.

Supporting the cultural recovery with engaging events in Dublin, Open House Dublin will return this October with another hybrid festival focused on the recovery of Dublin. Through our rich programme of over 100 tours and events over three days, the festival will safely facilitate the reopening of culture and architecture across the city of Dublin.” (from

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