Kenilworth Square

Private building: refurbishment - restoration Dublin

Kenilworth Square was developed between 1858 and 1879 following the establishment of the township of Rathgar and Rathmines in 1847. The square is composed of two-storey over basement/lower ground floor houses in a variety of different styles, although all finished in red brick lending a coherency to the set-piece. The square is a significant example of the suburban development during the Victorian era expansion of the city.

The proposed works were intended to recover the layout of the protected structure through the removal of previous inappropriate interventions. In order to refurbish the house, repairs were proposed using traditional building materials and techniques, while the upgrading of bathroom, kitchen and utility facilities and mechanical and electrical services were implemented in a sensitive manner. Upon completion the proposed works were intended to protect the existing fabric and allow a better presentation of the protected structure. 

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